User technical description

Sending large files

Step 1: The user selects the files to be sent, the recipients and the options (protection, download receipt, etc.) and may write a subject and a message.
Step 2: The recipients receive an email containing a specific download link.
When they click on the link, the recipient opens an Internet page reserved for them where they may download the files that have been sent.

Receiving large files

Step 1: The user sends an invitation to their non-user contact and provides them with restricted access to their weSend outbox.
Step 2: The non-user contact receives a link by email which provides guest access to the outbox.
They may then send files exclusively to the user who sent the invitation.

Traceability tools

Each user has a real time send and download monitoring tool. They may see the status of the files they send in real tome and if necessary send the files again with a single click.

File storage

weSend has an online storage area which enables users to manage (download, organise, delete, etc.) the files that are sent and received.

Document sharing

Users may share folders and files with their contacts from their personal area.